What Is Dry Powder, And How Will It Affect Technology In 2023?

When markets experience turbulence, having cash reserves in the form of dry powder ensures that traders are not forced to sell existing assets at a loss. Instead, they can rely on their readily available funds to weather the storm and potentially capture new opportunities arising from market corrections. The pros of holding dry powder include […]

Journal Entry Examples

No, only credit sales are recorded in the sales journal. The journal book must record every business transaction, which means entries need to be made. We will provide you with 20 frequently asked journal entry examples on Google along with their logic. This is posted to the Cash T-account on the credit side beneath the […]

Intrinsic Value Stock Analysis Method + Examples

When it comes to Bitcoin’s value as an investment, some investors have indeed turned to Bitcoin since they view it as uncorrelated with stocks, making it a solid option for diversifying their portfolio. However, since its price is highly volatile, having a lower portfolio allocation to crypto can help boost returns while bolstering from significant […]