Our innovative vision is based on a commitment to the most advanced technology. At Zimplow, R&D is core to our operations and all our R&D investments are aimed at advancing our position in a range of markets we operate in. Over the years we have been strongly developing competencies in-house through internal accelerators and community of practices while also gaining cutting edge innovations through our acquisitions.

Through incremental innovations, we have registered tremendous growth in our business as a result of our profound technology transformations, stemming from a broader development of products with higher added value for our customers. This is fully supported by our innovation system that guides how the Company searches for novel problems and solutions, synthesizes ideas into business concepts and product designs, up to the selection for funding.

Our firm commitment to innovation and new technology has consolidated our activity in the areas of telematics, autonomous systems, renewable energy, conservation farming and precision farming, where we have invested significant sums in recent years. With great dedication to innovation and partnerships, we aim to maintain our position of leadership and exceptional customer service in meeting the needs of the industry.
We believe that there might be a need for a more radical or disruptive approach to business and Zimplow is angling to grow and sustain the business for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are working in ensuring that innovation is ingrained in every part of Zimplow’s culture – not just the R&D arm. We strongly believe that by collaborating with our customers and partners, we can make great strides in solving everyday problems in our community. This will culminate into the creation of a passionate community of well-trained practitioners who are always innovating and eager to learn how best we can satisfy our clients’ ever-changing needs. We will also enhance our collaborations, both nationally and internationally, with other companies, engineering firms, governments, universities and technical colleges on studies, training, advisory services, technology transfer, validations, and tests which allows us to develop products with greater added value, exchange synergies, optimize and share resources and, above all, generate and manage knowledge.