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For 82 years Zimbabwe’s farmers have been tilling the soil with Zimplow’s products. We are now one of the largest distributors of agricultural, infrastructure and mining equipment in the country and offer backup support to all those we do business with. With our footprint stamped firmly in major cities and towns around the country, Zimplow is well positioned to serve. Our brands can be seen in action at most of Zimbabwe’s mines, construction sites, fields, plantations and estates.

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To be the supplier of choice for quality and innovative equipment solutions delivered through mutual partnerships, high performance & innovation

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Our performance and promise to our customers are made possible by our people. Our talented team creates sustainable, world-changing solutions that impact lives around the Sub-Saharan region.


Our History

Since the development of the MB200 plough, Zimplow has been designing and producing solutions that addresses the mechanisation gap. Zimplow, as the name suggest, has a long history of developing ground engaging equipment. The company which started with the supply of an animal-drawn plough extended its range to large scale farming equipment, earth moving equipment in mining and construction sectors, logistics and alternative power sectors.


Zimplow’s reach and presence are unmatched in our industry. Headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, we serve customers through our wide branch networks and related facilities around Zimbabwe.

With our strong branch network across the greenbelt of Zimbabwe, you are guaranteed a quick response to minimize downtime.


Through Mealiebrand implements, Zimplow has a regional reach with the brand being a household name in countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, DRC