When you invest in our fleet of equipment you are assured that the machinery is backed by the OEM. In partnership with our suppliers, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to be able to deliver world-class aftersales service support to our customers and their machines. We continuously invest in training, high-tech tools and support programs to enable our technicians and engineers to be up to date with the technical knowledge and capabilities required to service the machines customers depend on.

We always investing resources into state-of-the-art technical work tools that help deliver on our mission and our commitment to being true team players. Some of the support services we provide include:


This is important to us as we aim to ensure that the machines has arrived in the expected condition free of any defects introduced during the manufacturing process and possible damage caused during transport.


We have high-tech service centers that are complimented by mobile product support services which allows our technicians to quickly and easily create and submit incidents and resolve issues


Through our principal partners we have comprehensive knowledge objects with streamlined full-text search capability that provides access to equipment knowledge databases. This service is key when we are supporting our clients as these objects have the detail that is needed in resolving some of the critical failures with equipment


Our in-field diagnostic program, helps technicians accurately diagnose and solve technical problems quickly by getting to the root cause and giving guidance on how to solve it best.