Strategy & Purpose

Our Strategy

Our company strategy reflects our legacy and our continuing commitment to meet the needs of our customers and the communities in which we live and work. The group strategy is premised on the call to action, position, performance and innovation.

In line with the vision the group endeavours to be the strategic partner of those that are feeding Zimbabwe & Sub-Saharan Africa, building and extracting resources, connecting sub-Saharan Africa and powering Zimbabwe. We are aimed at delivering the brand promise; lowering operating costs of equipment, improving reliability and increase your profits.
We are here to deliver performance and productivity through our brands of equipment, people and financial capacity. We have measures put in place, that are monitored in terms of our service charter focused on engineering performance.
With the fast-paced rate of change in technology, growth in population and climate change, Innovation offers new customers sustainability. Zimplow as part of its strategy will continually rollout the model equipment through the capacity of its OEMs and factory capacity. This objective will see cautious improvement and investment in our innovative capacity.

Our Purpose

Zimplow has set its purpose to provide engineering solutions through internationally acclaimed brands. For over 82 years, our products and services have helped improve the lives of people in Africa. Our customers use our products to feed, connect, power and build communities for a better future