“Sustainability development ensures that we meet our present needs without compromising our ability to meet future needs.“

Zimplow strives to strike a balance between generating great business results and managing environmental and social responsibilities through the various sustainable development initiatives. As Zimplow, we thrive to ensure that all our decisions and economic pursuits positively impact our environment and society. We continually focus on optimizing the environmental and social impact of our operations in our communities without compromising economic viability.

Our sustainability strategy was developed and strengthened by the process of conducting a materiality assessment through which Zimplow defined issues of relevance to stakeholders and the business. The process began by capturing a broad scope of issues that were relevant to our industry and our company such as climate change, water conservation, food security, energy conservation and use of renewable sources of energy, suppliers, waste management, employee health and safety, community relations and environmental stewardship.

We are committed to creating value for our customers, investors, and the environment through ensuring that all our processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental and societal concerns. Management ensures resource preservation for today and future generation is priority by protecting the health of the community and the environment the Group depends on. Our strategic intent is premised on:

  • Clean Environment
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Environmental Stewardship by our Principals
  • Efficiency in water & energy consumptions
Zimplow is cognisant of the impact its operations has on the environment and communities and has taken a commitment to minimise the impacts. The Group is committed to protecting the environment and preservation of natural resources. The impact of environmental damage and climate change are critical to the viability of our business. Environmental stewardship is one of the criteria for supplier selection and anchors of our environmental sustainability approaches. We represent the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Caterpillar, Hyster, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Monosem, Perkins, Sparex and we are of course the pioneers of the green plough, Mealie Brand and Master Farmer. These principals and brands are synonymous with international best practice in green supply chains, in the way they support their value chains right through to the disposal of their products. Through various strategies we are clear on our commitment to sustainability that is evidenced by our solutions that are engineered to be greener to the environment and our community. We remain committed to principles of energy and water efficiency in the business value chain. We recognise climate change as a strong emerging business challenge which has financial implications. Our strategy is to monitor our own carbon footprint and water usage with the goal of ensuring that we play our part in minimising negative impacts from our business operations. We always ensure that manufacturing operations and workshops are energy efficient and achieve low energy intensity. We continue to explore alternative clean energy sources to invest in. All our employees are encouraged to conserve energy in all non-core manufacturing areas. We also work in partnership with our customers and key stakeholders, in promoting energy efficiency, water and land conservation in our communities in an effort to help meet SDG 6, 7, 12 and 13. We recycle, reuse and upcycle scrap material from our manufacturing facilities to ensure zero waste to landfill.
Zimplow pro-actively support the socio-economic transformations of the rural community by providing economic solutions to our customers. Through our various divisions we provide a set of affordable and durable equipment meant to empower our customers and ensure food security. We are assisting rural communities by providing affordable solutions to our customers for conservation farming. Customers are also empowered with technical advice from our technical staff through one on one farm visits and demonstrations on sustainable farming. Zimplow recognises the value of investing in our workforce and continuously engaging with the community. We acknowledge our workforce, the strength behind our brand as Zimplow, therefore it is the Group’s intention to continuously build teams within the divisions that are motivated, inspired, self-driven and action oriented in delivering value to our stakeholders. Through the encouragement and promotion of education by our employees and offering internships and apprenticeship to younger members of the community we believe we will be making an immense contribution to an improved education level and quality of life in our community.